Snetly - World's first 100% Real-time model-based tool

Snetly Schematic Editor
Snetly Schematic window
Snetly starting window
Snetly Starting window
Snetly DSO
Snetly waveform editor
Snetly 3.0 front look
A new rapid path for real-Time System development with a good set of control logic blocks supported by elegant GUI


SNETLY is based on a state-of-the-art innovative technology that provides a modular environment for real-time system development – Powered by Smart ProtoX.
SNETLY is a ready-to-use FPGA-based modular environment for real-time system development, an innovative design by Smart ProtoX. This controller can be used to create control algorithms, generate instant waveforms, and generate signals needed for power electronics control and many other applications. It is a standalone system and operates without a PC and an Operating System.
Equipped with the latest powerful Xilinx ARTIX-7 FPGA Controller @150MHZ Clock source, which delivers raw simulation power for real-time simulation and testing. This system delivers the fastest and the most versatile HIL applications.


Snetly application with robotics

Product Highlights

Snetly highlighted features - Combined with MATLAB
Snetly combined with Matlab
Snetly highlighted design
Matlab design made in Snetly

Problem with Existing Product

1. Development and Deployment environment are different.

2. The development environment needs additional resources like PC and licensed software.

3. Existing products are not suitable for quick prototyping.

4. Require additional time for development and deployment.

5. Users need more knowledge to use real-time tools.

6. Deployment hardware is costly System expansion needs a backplane system chassis environment which limits the system expansion and mobility.

Our Better Solution for you​

1. Development and Deployment on the same Snetly environment, hence there are no additional PC and software resources required.

2. Our system all logic blocks are in an implemented state which is easy for engineer to develop their controller development.

3. Which is significantly reduces the development time.
The system is User-friendly.

4. Volume (program) production of cards can be done by one Master controller system.

5. System expansion can be done using the optical interface.

6. Cost-effective and Ruggedized deployment hardware solution.

General Specification

Power Supply230VAC Input, 50-60HZ& 50VA
FPGAArtix®-7 XC7A200T (The most powerful FPGA from the Xilinx® Artix-7 family)
CPU/ComputerNot Required – Onboard CPU
Performance-150MHz System Core Clock
(Step time of 6.667 ns)
– 4.5Gbps HDMI Source
– 800MHz DDR Clock
– Digital IO sampling at 1MHz
– Analog Inputs sampling at 500 KHz
– Analog Outputs sampling at 100 KHz
– Assured 10uS / 100 KHz system
sampling rate
(concurrent execution of all the blocks)
SoftwareModel-based inbuilt software installed inboard FPGA

16” 4U Industrial rack cabinet, Optical mouse, FHD Monitor & essential cables

Available I/O Systems


PWM Outputs

  • 14 Independent Channel with Isolated PWM Outputs with Gate driving capability of 0 to 15V level (Can be directly connected to gate inputs of Power devices).
  • PWM Resolution: 32-bit Floating point Duty cycle / Frequency selection 32-bit Integer counter used and automatic PWM Generation with selected Duty cycle/Frequency.
Digital Inputs
  • 24 Digital Input channels Isolated from FPGA, and all are 5V Tolerant.
  • Can be used as general purpose inputs, encoder inputs or Speed sensor Inputs.
Digital Outputs
  • 72 Digital Output channels Isolated from FPGA, and can be used as PWM Outputs, or any general purpose outputs.
  • All are 5V Tolerant
  • Other customizations can be provided based on user request with additional cost.
Analog Inputs
  • 16 Independent Channels with 16 dedicated ADCs
  • 5 different Input types for each channel, DC/AC Inputs Direct connectivity and Configurable as:
    • -20 to +20V
    • -50V to +50V
    • -750V to +750V
    • -20A to +20A
    • 4-20mA
  • Frequency Bandwidth: DC to 100 KHz
    Sampling Rate:
    • 500 KHz for Voltage inputs
    • 500 KHz for 4-20mA Inputs
    • 20 KHz for high current Inputs
    • Other customizations can be provided based on user request with additional cost.

Analog Outputs

  • 8 Channel with multiplexed DAC 0 to 3.3V Analog outputs 2 Channel 4-20mA

System setup and motor drive control example

BLDC control with Snetly

Snetly system setup

Snetly system setup

Snetly Motor drive control scheme example

Snetly Motor drive control scheme example


Snetly architecture provides a high-performance interface between functional modules.

It accepts read and write commands from SPX Controller IP for configuration, status check, and manages local real-time data streaming between all modules.

Analog and digital IO interfaces are fully isolated from FPGA.

The Current and voltage sensing circuits are integrated to confirm user can develop and focus only on controller design.

I/O Connection


A) System power switch
B) Ethernet
D) USB-Data port
E) Mouse
F) PWM Output
G) Digital Input
H) Digital Output
J) Analog output
K) Current inputs
L) Analog input mode selection
M) Analog Input
N) HDMI Interface for Monitor
P) Main AC Power input

Built-in modules store

Snetly inputs/outputs
Inputs / Outputs
 Sensors Interfaces


Snetly Communication 

Snetly Conversion


Snetly GUI Blocks

GUI Blocks

Snetly Logics


Snetly Functional Blocks

Functional Blocks

Snetly Sources


Snetly Math Functions

Math Operations

Advanced Snetly Features


Snetly System Control

System Control

Snetly build in Processor Module

  • Inbuilt 15 no’s of independent Processors ( 6 – Scientific Processors, 6 – Legacy Processors & 3 – Logical Processors )
  • Supports Custom scripts
  • Built-in Compiler converts custom script to assembly code
  • Built-in assembler converts assembly code to binary
  • Custom script supports
    • Scientific mathematical expressions
    • Conditional statements (IF, ELSIF, ELSE)
    • Loop statements ( FOR, WHILE, DO WHILE)
  • 191 Registers, each with 32 bit
  • Each register can be initialized with floating-point values
  • Arithmetic, Logical & Scientific instructions
  • Instructions for moving information between registers
  • Program control instructions based on register status
  • Input/output instructions
  • 8 no’s of floating-point inputs & Outputs
  • Built-in sampling functions & Delay elements
  • 4 Channel DSO – 2 No’s
  • 7 Channel Logic Analyzer -2 No’s
  • 4 Channel Plotter – 2 No’s
  • 8 Channel Digital Displays – 4 No’s
  • Gauges – 4 No’s
  • Knobs – 4 No’s
  • 8 Channel Toggle Switch – 4 No’s
  • 8 Channel LED Indication – 4 Nos
  • All DSO, Plotter, analyzer -Time & Amplitude adjustments
  • Waveform Run / Pause Option
  • Design for ADC /DAC/10’S etc
  • Open loop/closed loop speed control of
    • -Induction Motor
    • -DC /PMDC/BLDC Motor
    • -PMSM Motor
    • -Switched Reluctance Motor
    • – 3 Phase& Multiphase Induction Motor
Snetly 3.0 front look

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