About Snetly

Snetly is the world’s first advanced technology Real-time development tool made by Smart ProtoX with continuous research and development work for 15-years with more than 2 Lacks lines of codes. Snetly system is Model-based development(MBD) methodology that is prevalent in the Industry.

SNETLY is a ready-to-use FPGA-based modular environment for real-time system development, an innovative design by Smart ProtoX(SPX).  This controller can be used to create control algorithms, generate instant waveforms, and generate signals needed for power electronics control and many other applications. It is a standalone system and operates without a PC / Operating System.

It is equipped with the latest powerful Xilinx ARTIX-7 FPGA Controller @150MHZ Clock source, which delivers raw simulation power for real-time implementation and testing. This system delivers the fastest and the most versatile MBD applications.

Our Mission & vision towards Snetly

Our vision towards Snetly is that we believe Snetly will be the world’s most powerful tool with raw simulation for real-time development and testing.

Our mission towards Snetly is to showcase the real power of Snetly to world-class institutions, research scholars, development hubs, universities, corporates, industries and almost all over the world.

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